Knowing where you are

Question 1

Business Planning

At least once a year we review & adjust our plans (top to bottom).

Everybody knows what they must do to achieve plan.

We provide everyone regular feedback on the plan.

Question 2

Customer & Market Focus

We know who are most important customers are

We know what they want and need

We know our competitors and take advantage of our strengths

We monitor our customer satisfaction

Question 3


We let our people know our plan for the future.

Our values (honesty, etc.) guide our business

We talk and act positively to encourage staff accomplishments

We get people to collaborate at all levels

Question 4

Human Resource Focus

We have the right people/low turnover at all levels

We let people make changes to reach the plan

We cross train and provide a career path

We recognize people for their contribution

Question 5

Information Technology (IT) and Knowledge Management

We measure all customer critical information

We analyze IT for time, quality & accuracy

We use IT to reduce costs & improve productivity

We observe standards for info. sharing at all levels

Question 6

Process Management

We measure & control rework time and scrap.

Our processes provide consistent positive results

We deliver (products/services) on time and complete always

Our Suppliers help us increase profit & customer retention

Question 7

Organizational Results

We have data showing our customers are satisfied.

We monitor links between tasks and profits?

We get daily feedback on customer critical tasks

We conform to laws/regulations at the lowest cost

Our profits are great


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