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Z Microsystems

15% reduction in their mfg operating expenses

Roy E. Whitehead, Inc

Saved $500,000 labor annually

ABC Window company

Our company is running better than when we founded it 31 years ago.

Good hearted leaders create ‘no collar’ cultures

For 30 years, I’ve been helping Small Business Leaders get their People Right in order to get their business right. In 1993 I founded ABC around the concept of a No Collar workforce: that is taking your best blue collar worker and teaching them the white collar fundamentals of good business and unleashing their potential for their benefit and the benefit of the organization.

Leaders who embodied no collar ideals, whether sole proprietors or corporate titans, proved to be more effective at engaging the strengths of their staff, strategic partners and vendors to achieve personal and organizational dreams. Over the years, we’ve identified these people as “Good Hearted Leaders” and this has evolved into an integrated suite of Good Hearted products and services that produce extraordinary results.

There are 5 principles the No Collar transformation strengthen, which starts with Good Hearted Leadership, the flagship course in our process.

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